Sessions - Input

Sessions Description

These sessions will last no longer than 45 minutes. Maximum of 15 participants.

Please make sure that your session focuses on a specific concern and provides a forum to offer guidance and discuss potential solutions for the topic you have chosen.

Having sessions online is different from in person meetings, so it is important to avoid lengthy presentations and better to encourage the exchange and interaction among participants.

We suggest you include experiences from the field. Sessions could be an opportunity for the exchange of best practices.

Although we know that time is limited, please allow 5 minutes at the beginning for the introduction of all the participants, at least names, cities and organisations.

In order to better prepare your session we will need some information. Please complete the form below no later than 10th of October.

Like any other conference, participants will choose to attend sessions, so if you would like people to join you, think of an attractive title (for example a question) and a meaningful argument.

You can run the session alone and facilitate a discussion or you can include speakers and then have time for discussions.

In any case, everyone will need to register for the e-Summit.