Parallel Sessions Sunday, November 22


First Slot - From 15:15 - 16:15 CET (Paris Time)

Gender and Leadership

Personal trajectories to Leadership

Leadership and the impact of gender. Implications of current gender divide realities for future of community sustainability. How gender influences leadership style.

Looking to the younger generation – how the issues of gender are impacting on decision to join the community in active roles.

Laura Cazes,  Executive ZWST, Frankfurt, Germany
Jonathan Ornstein,  Executive Director, JCC Krakow, Poland
Claudia De Benedetti,  Board of Trustees & Member, Maccabi World Union
Moderated by
Sally Berkovic, Executive Director, Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe

What can/should we take from our response to Covid 19 to help secure our community’s future prosperity and resilience? - the story of the Jewish community in Leeds, UK.

Session provided by JDC Resilience programmes

What opportunities participants see that can be taken from this period to the positive future of the community including the strengths and how to take weaknesses and turn them into opportunities. it will also include a short piece on how the leeds community is coming out of this situation – while suffering not small loses – stronger as a community

David Gidron,   Resilience Programmes JDC
Susie Gordon, Executive Director, LJRCC, Leeds, UK

The 10 Commandments for Jewish Heritage

Jewish Heritage & Education

The session will center around the “10 Commandments for Jewish Heritage”
in comparison to a series of seven priority recommendations for Jewish heritage strategy that were drawn up at a meeting of experts that followed a major conference on Jewish heritage in Paris in 1999. These two sets of recommendations, two decades apart but similar in many respects despite all that has gone on in the interim, provide a framework to look back at what has happened, assess the current situation, and look ahead.

Helise Lieberman, Director, Taube Center, Poland
Ruth Ellen Gruber,  Executive Director, Jewish Heritage Europe
Victor Sorenssen, President Mozaika, Spain
Michael Mail
, Founder , Foundation for Jewish Heritage

Can Interfaith action &  collaboration bring greater tolerance to our cities?

This session will explore the critical role played by the faith sector as part of civil society, in our cities &  communities. We will gain an understanding of civil society, and discuss the role played by the faith sector during Covid 19. This is the time to forge and strengthen partnerships between different faith communities and between these communities and national and local governments, across institutions, and borders.  
If this crisis has taught us anything it is our interdependence.

Leonie Lewis MBE, Charity and Community Consultant
Adrian Cristea,  Executive Officer of Dublin City Interfaith Forum

School, Seminar, Self: Three Covid Success Stories

Zehud, Limmud, and a meditation program run via Base Berlin are all examples of programs that were challenged by Covid and in reacting made themselves even better. We will hear their stories and think about how we can incorporate their lessons into our own educational programming.

Rabbi David Levin-Kruss, Director of Jewish Education, JDC Europe
Tal Bassali ,founder and director, Zehud Jewish online school
Magda Rubenfeld Koralewska, regional coordinator for Central and Eastern Europe for Limmud
Martin Schubert, yoga and mindfulness teacher, Berlin, Germany

Invest in developing your staff today for impact today and tomorrow

Session provided by Yesod

We all know that in tough financial times, two of the first things to be cut are staff training and professional development (if you even have a budget for them). Come to this session and explore whether the benefit of a short-term financial gain makes sense or if staff development is exactly what you need to invest in in difficult times.  (YESOD)

Dani Serlin, Executive Director, YESOD
Daniel Rose, Director of Educational programming, YESOD
Colin Bulka, Professional Development manager, YESOD


Empowering Teen Leaders – Lessons from 96 Years of Experience

Join teen leaders and professionals from BBYO, the world’s largest Jewish teen movement and Europe’s fastest growing Jewish teen experience, to explore proven strategies for teen engagement and teen empowerment. For nearly a century, BBYO’s teen-led approach has inspired generations of young Jews to embrace their identity, elevate their skills, and prioritize the vibrancy of their Jewish community locally and globally. We’re eager to share everything we know, and invite any community to be a part of shaping the future, today. 

Hosted by Rebeka Mucheva, Area Director, BBYO Eastern Europe

Featuring a team of BBYO European Professionals and Teen Leader

Community building from a living room

session by Moishe House

Things rapidly changed for all of our Moishe Houses once they were unable to gather the community members in their homes. Immediately, they started hosting programmes virtually to keep in touch with their communities. But are online sessions enough? In this session, we will be happy to share what we have learned over the past 7 months and what are other ways to keep building our Jewish community and make our members feel a sense of belonging.

Alexis Einhorn, Senior Community Manager, Global Communities, Moishe House

"Israelis in Europe: Another Community or an Extension of Israel?

session by Hakhel

Over 200,000 Israelis live in Europe, pretty much all across the continent with major hubs in London and Berlin. Some of them travelled for work, some study abroad, some found a European spouse and decided to stay. What happens after years, and even decades, in Europe? How do Israelis and local communities interact? What happens to the connection with Israel? What does the future hold for this unique Diasporic community?

Aharon Ariel Lavi, Founder and Director, Hakhel
David Stavrou, Journalist, Sweden

Tikkun in Action: Jewish Social Activism on a Grassroots Level

session by GRID

Participate in an open conversation with Jewish social activists who engage with underserved populations including refugees, people with disabilities and other minorities living in their local communities. Hear how Jewish and global responsibility intersect for them and learn how you can get involved in the JDC Tikkun in Action network to further your ideas on a grassroots level.

Leora Wine, Program Manager, JDC GRID
Nela Hasic, Regional Director of the NGO “Think Pink- Zajedno smo jedno”
Daniel Csango, Budapest, Hungary, JDC GRID

Developing new strategies to engage young Families

Young parents often feel the need to convey Jewish ideas and traditions to their children that they themselves often aren’t familiar with. How can we reach families and assist them in exploring their Jewish identities and educating Jewish children?

This session will explore inventive ideas on working with families and present the German-Jewish family program “Mischpacha” that reaches families at their homes.

Shila Erlbaum, Officer Religious, Family and Educational Affairs, Zentralrat, Germany

HINENI-The Evolution of Relationships: Young people and the community

session by Junction

Young adults have always been the enigma in every community; hard to pin down, hard to engage, and hard to predict. For some communities COVID 19 has been a moment where young people and the establishment came closer together, working to ensure the stability of the community at large. In this session we will explore this dynamic, how we got here, and where we can go from here.

Lela Sadikario, Director, Junction
Samantha Levinson, Community Manager, Junction

Second Slot - From 17:30 - 18:30 CET (Paris Time)

When plaster is not enough- Bringing NOA's holistic approach to overcoming antisemitism into practice

Session provided by CEJI

The word ‘noa’ means ‘in motion’ in Hebrew, reflecting a positive movement towards an inclusive society, and this is the name we have chosen for an exciting new EU funded project: Networks Overcoming Antisemitism (NOA). This session is an unconventional invitation to be part of the new motion: where community stakeholders, researchers, advocates, activists, trainers, cultural managers, media campaigners and others are invited to be part of this movement. This 100% interactive workshop will be an opportunity to network and reflect on a comprehensive new mechanism that will support communities and governments with measurable policy indicators and a wealth of socio-cultural educational resources that bring us closer to an inclusive Europe where Jewish communities can thrive.

Tamás Büchler and Camila Piastro
CEJI-A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe 

LGBTQ+ in Jewish Communities in Europe: Invisibility, Acceptance or Inclusion

Different voices

How can we guarantee that LGBTQ+ spaces are also community spaces and not only “isolated” .What is preventing from full acceptance in the major official community bodies if it happens, and how to improve representation in establishment. LGBTQ+ groups should be ‘accepted’ (or rather: embraced) and also should be autonomous in their own right and divineness. Just like Jews in and out society

Gideon Querido van Frank, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dalia Grinfeld, Keshet Deutschland, Berlin, Germany
Marco Fiammelli, Magen David Keshet, Rome, Italy

How can Jewishness contribute to enrich present times? Jewish leaders as translators between yesterday and tomorrow.

Session provided by Leatid

Present times are challenging Jewishness through a world rooted in   globalisation and its dreams of a unified mankind, as well as a disrupted world shrinking back towards nationalism and more authoritarian societies .

Michel Calef, Vice President and Founder, Leatid

Re-Imagining the Future of the Jewish Community: The Role of JCC's

Session provided by JCC Global

In recent times when change, uncertainty and disruption characterize our daily reality, we invite you to pause and look at the horizon. Where are the world and the Jewish community heading? How community will look like in years to come? And what are JCCs doing today to ensure a thriving tomorrow?

Smadar Bar Akiva, Executive Director, JCC Global  
Marcell Kenessei. Executive Director, Balint JCC, Budapest
Agata Rackowiecka, Executive Director JCC Warsaw 
Raymond Simonson, CEO JW3, London

The future of Europe’s Jews: What the latest demographic data tell us

The shape and scale of European Jewry, and the place of Europe in Jewish life, has changed dramatically over the past 150 years, fuelled by major waves of migration, devastating antisemitism and natural demographic change. The Institute for Jewish Policy Research’s recently-published report on the demography of European Jews is loaded full of new insights from national and communal data about the past, present and future of Europe’s Jews; in this session, the Institute’s Executive Director will take you through some of the key findings and share his thoughts on how best to use them to support Jewish life.

Jonathan Boyd, Executive Director, Institute for Jewish Policy Research, JPR, UK

Jewish camps- safe places to park our children in the summer or integral communal impact tools? How do we as community leaders behave?

A conversation between Isak Reichel, Director of Jewish Community of Stockholm and Josh Spinner, CEO of the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation exploring the impact that Jewish camping has in European communities. The session will explore strategic directions  and questions including:

What is the camp’s contribution to Jewish education? What do different stakeholders expect from the camp? What is the future of Jewish camping in Europe?  

A session for decision makers around Jewish camping – Presidents, Executive Directors of Communities, Board members with education portfolio, parents, professionals involved in camping, education and/or youth. 

Josh Spinner, CEO, Ronald S. Lauder Foundation
Isak Reichel, General Secretary Jewish Community of Stockholm
Moderated by
Daniela Greiber, Grants Programmes Manager, Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe

Has COVID changed Jewish Education forever?


Dvorah Serrao, Executive Director, AIU France
Rabbi David Meyer,  Executive Director, Pajes, UK
Barry Kislowicz, CEO Educating For Impact, Israel

Working team pulsebeat in COVID-19 times and beyond: ensuring a balanced operating environment for professionals and volunteers.

Supporting our teams of volunteers and professionals:

The mental health of a team and a good working environment are vital to face our mission. We will listen to short presentations and share our experiences, thoughts, opinions. • What kind of challenges organizations are meeting?
• What kind of actions are being undertaking?
• What do we learn from this experience?

Marina Astanovskaja, JDC Europe, Welfare
Julia Dandolova, Executive Director, Shalom Bulgaria
Jonas Belaiche, FSJU France

Staying Power

There are so many reasons why networking should be an essential aspect if you truly want to engage and retain community members

Lela Sadikario, Director, Junction
Alberto Benbunan,  Executive Director and Founder Gelt
Simone Mortara, ECJC Executive Member

Adapting Jewish Rituals for The Age of COVID

Seasonal Seders & Sacred Space at Home

With access to traditional sacred spaces limited, our homes have never been more essential as entry points to meaningful ritual. This interactive session will share practical mindsets and adaptable tools focused on two practices: bringing intentionality to mealtime and making sacred space at home. The team behind will explore how we can take beloved Jewish practices and adapt them to meet our deepest human needs.

Eileen Levinson, CEO and Founder,
Rebecca Missel, Director of Partnerships,

Fundraising in Crisis

Finding opportunities in COVID times

There will always be crises and charities will and have learnt to pivot to adapt to the situation.

We are now seven months on from March, when all face-to-face fundraising events and activities were cancelled due to the global lock-down. For nearly all charities, public donations are down; corporate giving has halted, and Foundations are predicting a fallow year ahead.

This session will look at a number of fundraising successes during the pandemic and look forward to 2021, giving suggestions to fundraising questions around what your future fundraising strategy should be, and what opportunities there are.

Ben Morrison,
Fundraising Consultant, United Kingdom