Avital Sandler-Loeff

Executive Director, JDC-GRID 

Avital Sandler Loeff serves as the Executive Director of JDC-Grid- which works globally to provide short- and long-term disaster relief, and carry out international development initiatives, on behalf of the local and global Jewish community.

Previously, Avital served as Director of JDC- Israel Unlimited, which develops community-based support systems for people with disabilities. She was also a member of the JDC Israel senior management team.

Throughout her 20 years with JDC, Avital has worked to bring together government agencies, municipalities, NGOs, foundations and academia, and has built partnerships that have transformed concepts into realities. Under her leadership JDC-Israel Unlimited was recognized by the Zero project that maps best practices around the world.

Previously, Avital worked as a researcher at Myers-JDC Israel, and taught program evaluation at Tel Aviv University.

Avital lives with her family in Bait Zayit, which is in the greater Jerusalem area In Israel.