Conference of European Rabbis – CER


Sunday 22nd Nov

Stay or leave? Can Jewish life effectively protected in Europe?

For years, anti-Semitic prejudice, hate crime and violence have been on the rise in the European Union - digitally or physically. Meanwhile, Belgium, Denmark and Poland have either proposed bans or actually banned ritual slaughter. In Iceland, Denmark and Norway, a furore has erupted over circumcision. Everywhere in Europe, Jewish religious practice is severely under threat. Now, more than ever before, it must be made clear that the security of religious communities is meaningless without the freedom to practice religious life. The importance of protecting Jewish life in Europe is of the utmost importance within today’s political and social climate. If the future of Jewish life in Europe is not to be called into question, action must be taken now. This panel will debate, how the future of Jewish life in Europe and religious freedom can practically be protected and preserved.
Guiding questions:
  • How Europe will practically safeguard and promote the fundamental right of religious freedom in the future and regain trust within the religious communities? Are Jews in Europe forced to become vegetarians?
  • Will Europe bare its teeth? How to take the combat against off- and online hate crime to the next level?
  • How can Jewish life effectively and sustainably be protected and the fundamental right of religious freedom promoted and guaranteed?

Session Sponsored by CER