Jonas Belaiche

Paris, France

Thanks to his family commitment, Jonas has been a volunteer and a professional in many actives of his community (Talmud Torah director, summer camps counselor and director, synagogue board etc.) since his childhood. After a B.A from Yeshiva University (NYC) a master degree of financial management in a French Business School, he has been for 7 years a financial consultant for social housing firms and banks. 4 years ago Jonas decided to change his path and became fully professionally at the service of the community. In FSJU, an umbrella organization of the French Jewish Community, he has the pleasure of being Deputy Director at the Youth departement, in charge of the Call to projects and Incubator NOE, responsible for International Relations for Youth. Jonas has also the honor of being a fellow of the Yesod Kaplan leadership program. 

Joonas is 35 years old, married and a happy father of 3.