Michaela Efrati

Prague, Czech Republic

Michaela Efrati was born in Prague in 1976, grew up under a communist regime, participated in the demonstrations of the Velvet revolution of '89, graduated High School in the US, moved to Israel age 20 and spent the next 14 years living between Prague and Jerusalem. She has two kids, many cats and dogs later. Michaela moved back to Czechia and became a tour guide for a very diverse Jewish clientele, from the very secular Israelis, Reform US federations, modern Orthodox from all over, to the Haredi world of Yeshivot, Beit Yaakov etc.. She participated in many Jewish educational and University programs, Israeli government or other countries members of diplomacy. She teaches Czech, Hebrew and English.


Sunday 22nd Nov

European Guided City Tours - Prague, Majorca, Venice & Warsaw

Join Michaela, Dani, Moshe and Helise, who will take you to visit some of the most fascinating places in Prague, Majorca, Venice and Warsaw.

From your sitting room, coffee in hand. Cosy footwear recommended.