Dr. Sandra Anusiewicz- Baer

Berlin, Germany

Dr. Sandra Anusiewicz-Baer is a Berlin based Jewish educator. She holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in education, Jewish studies and Is­lamic studies. She served as the head of the educational department and later as the head of the cultural department of the Jewish communi­ty in Berlin before she left to pursue her doctoral studies in education. Her dissertation about the alumni of the Jewish High School in Berlin asked how the education of the school influences the students’ self-per­ception and identity. The dissertation, which was published under the title The Jewish Gymnasium in BerlinIdentity and Jewish Schooling since 1993 was awarded the Humboldt-Prize in the category “Judaism and an­ti-Semitism.” As a passionate educator, Anusiewicz-Baer founded and worked as the editor of Familienmentsch, the first Jewish family mag­azine for the German-speaking region. At present, Anusiewicz-Baer works as the coordinator of the Zacharias Frankel College, a rabbinical seminary established in 2013 to train Masorti/conservative rabbis.


Sunday 22nd Nov

Turning the current COVID times into opportunities for our Communities

As a community we face multiple challenges.  Which of our historic leaders' legacies should we embrace to build our future?  Hear our panelists share their suggestions.

With Tova Hartman, Raphi Zarum, Sandra A-Baer .
Moderated by Russell Wolkind.