Susie Gordon

Leeds, United Kingdom

Susie grew up in London within a modern orthodox family and attended local and national Jewish youth movements. This all helped to cultivate her love of Jewish culture, values and traditions.

Susie also had a passion for the arts. She graduated from the prestigious Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (set up by Paul McCartney!) with a degree in management and began her career working in the entertainment industry.

After working in London, and travelling the world for a couple of years, Susie relocated to Leeds, West Yorkshire. It didn't take long for Susie to settle and enjoy the beautiful countryside and lifestyle that this beautiful part of the world had to offer.

After working in local government projects, and having her first child, Susie realised how important it was to her to not just feel connected to Leeds as a city but to the local Jewish community as well.

At around this time an opportunity arose for a Community Development Executive to support the development of the Leeds Jewish community.

Since her appointment, this role has taken her on an incredible journey. With the support of the JDC, the outcomes have led Leeds to being JDC’s most successful example to other communities around the world.

Susie wanted to learn more about how best she could help individuals at a deeper level and was attracted to personal and business coaching. This developed into a passion for facilitating meaningful group conversations and helping people work towards group goals, not just individual ones.

Susie has supported the development of other faith groups as well. She feels passionately about the importance of this work and feels it is often underestimated. This is not easy work but it is essential. Communities need access to resources, expertise and support, especially as we navigate our way through an international pandemic.

Difficult times can produce innovation and positive change. As leaders we need to work together to identify and harness the best opportunities for our communities. Although a daunting task, Susie is relishing making the most of the opportunities that lie ahead.

“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.”(William Arthur Ward)